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Resource 46 DrAva31Print - (Instant Digital Books for Download Only)

Dr. Ava is the author of seven books and is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of love and relationships. She creates unique platforms to help people overcome sexual guilt and shame and to focus on the positive aspects of human sexuality.  Her books are candles on the road to enlightenment with emphasis on finding love, rekindling passion and empowering your own sexuality.




Resource 45 DrAva41Audio - (Instant Digital Audio for Download Only)

Enjoy listening to programs from  a 23 minute sensual massage course to a 6-hour relationship enrichment course. The beauty of taking audio courses is that it enables you to learn and be prolific in the shortest time. You also have the flexibility of listening when you want and where you want without restrictions. Best of all, you can share them with your lover so that you both can benefit from the valuable information. Audio never sounded so good. Have fun while learning something new.