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 See what Hollywood insiders are saying about Dr. Ava and read these comments from world wide organizations.

blockquote"Dr. Ava Cadell gives us the tools we need to make love last with plenty of fun."

"Dr. Ava Cadell’s book NeuroLoveology blends certain aspects of neuroscience with the science of love, offering mindful techniques to help grow more brain cells while growing an intimate relationship. One of the biggest problems facing people today is an overwhelming number of distractions, both internally and externally, that make life balance almost impossible. NeuroLoveolgy gives people the tools to replace these distractions with mindful intimacy and regain passionate living. There are several brain chemicals that come in to play during a relationship. Knowing what triggers their release is an important part of romance. NeuroLoveology helps to identify activities that release pleasure hormones so that you can effortlessly get into the mood for love."


Dr. John Gray, Author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

blockquote"Ava Cadell's event on Sunday May 4th at Diesel, A Bookstore was a wonderful success. Dr. Cadell was in Malibu to celebrate her book "Neuroloveolgy" and her launch brought well over one-hundred people into the bookstore and her books were completely sold out.  Dr. Cadell's exuberence for the subject matter both thrilled and wowed the crowd."

Diesel A Bookstore

Diesel, A Bookstore

blockquoteOur guest speakers bring invaluable dimensions of expertise to The Passion Project, and in Dr. Ava Cadell we find a remarkable resource.  Mindful Loving: The Art of Intimacy teaches lovers how to explore each other on multiple levels to achieve a lasting and passionate relationship.  Ava truly lives her mission of inspiration and empowers people to bring love and passion into their relationships, and into their lives."

Anthony Robbins, Author
"Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power"

blockquoteOn behalf of Amgen and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to participate in the Making Connections satellite media tour and local market seminars.  The information you communicated about the effect psoriasis may have on a person’s personal life was clear, informative and very well articulated."

The Enbrel Team
Amgen and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

blockquote"Dr. Ava's presentation was the most uncensored and liberating sex&pleasure presentation I've heard in a long time. Maybe the most honest discussion I've ever heard. Dr. Ava's frank discussion about barriers to sexual pleasure and how to overcome them was sex positive, funny and it expanded the participant's knowledge about what all people can do to take responsibility for their own pleasure."


Susan Cohen
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

blockquoteYou were terrific!  A YPO crowd has its own “flavor” and you figured out a winning presentation and style.  Budapest was the best and highest rated YPO University ever, and you were a big contributor.  Congratulations and thank you."



Tom & Ruth Lieberman, Budapest University Education Chairmen
Young Presidents Organization

blockquoteI stood at the back of the room carefully observing the audience of men and women.  Normally, half the heads in any audience spend equal time looking at the speaker and looking anywhere else BUT the speaker.  But not in your case!  Everyone’s head was fixed upon you.  They were intent on not missing a thing…You captivate so many different people’s total attention."

Jeffrey Ullman, President
Greater Relations

blockquoteOur heartfelt thanks go out to you from everyone who was lucky enough to be at the Peninsula Hotel.  Your keynote speech and presentation was the highlight of our day and we were so happy that you were able to be with us and represent our board."



Beverly Cohn, President
Friends of Sheba Medical Center

blockquoteI am happy to announce that your presentation was well received. Congratulations on an excellent presentation on intimacy after surgery!"



Keith L.Black, Director Neurosurgical Institute
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

blockquoteI would like to convey the great regard and respect I have for Dr. Ava Cadell.  She has boundless energy, tremendous insights, and creates a non-threatening atmosphere in her seminars where true communication can take place.  She always earns rave reviews from students who attend her sessions as well as the staff of our firm."

Ira Streit, Director
The Learning Annex

blockquoteMany of the members have told me how much they enjoy your refined presentations of a particularly sensitive area of relationships for men and women.  With your professional guidance, audience participants react positively to your group exercises and interactive games.  You really have a gift for teaching and bringing people together in good conversation."

Leon Williams, President

blockquoteThank you so much for your time and expertise.  You bring such passion and interest to your knowledge.  We would love to have you back again, perhaps in the fall."



Dee Tucker
Brentwood Presbyterian Church

blockquoteThank you for making the evening of December 4th so memorable for everyone at our Holiday Mixer.  It’s speakers like you who are helping to build our membership by providing valuable ideas.  You were great!  Your speech was funny, interesting, and stimulating."


Ernie Weckbaugh, Vice President
Book Publicists of Southern California

blockquoteOn Thursday, March 27, 2003, you spoke to our group for the fourth time and the turnout was the largest yet.  The size of the crowd was a testament to your popularity."



John Seeman
Stephen S. Wise Temple

blockquoteYour presentation and “Love Work” at the YPO Couples Weekend was fantastic!  Such a wonderful result isn’t accidental.  Meticulous planning, attention to detail, tireless effort, extraordinary execution and your heartfelt commitment made all the difference.  Thank you again, Ava.  You’re a talented individual."


Karen and Scott Martineau, Santa Monica Education Chairman
Young Presidents Organization

blockquoteThank you for participating in the "Keep the Honeymoon Alive" event at the Hudson Hotel.  We, along with Bayer Healthcare, were very pleased with your presentation.  We have received some excellent feedback from the journalists who attended.  We imagine that you'll be receiving quite a few calls yourself!"


Maryrose Lombardo, Account Supervisor
Bayer Pharmaceutical & GCI Group

blockquoteMy wife and I rekindled the passion we once had by following Dr. Ava’s principles."



Star of Grizzly Adams, Dan Haggerty

blockquoteYou were my first. Thank you for being gentle."

(regarding his televised counselling session)


Lead singer of Kiss, Gene Simmons

blockquoteShow host Dr. Ava knows sex like Tiger Woods knows golf."



National radio sportscaster, Jim Lampley

blockquoteDr. Ava can tell you how to, why to, when to and where to.  All you need to know is who to."



Emmy Award winning producer, Alan Thicke

blockquoteOn behalf of the Multicultural Psychology Association, I thank you for being a guest speaker at our Sex on the Mind event.  Your presentation on Tantra was very informative and received several compliments from those that attended.  The series events would not have been the same without your participation.  For me, personally, having you at this event was an unforgettable experience.  You will continue to be an inspiration in my life as I continue my education in graduate school.  My dream is to follow in your footsteps and become the icon that you are."

Rebecca Coutin
, Secretary
California State University Northridge

blockquoteThank you so much for being the keynote speaker at the 2005 Erotica Los Angeles event.  Your excellent presentation, The Power of Seduction, helped make the event a tremendous success"



Erotica LA Show Management
Los Angeles LA Erotica Convention

blockquoteMy wife and I went through the Passion Power program and it made such a difference in our lives we have sung Dr. Ava's praises ever since.  I actually invited her twice to lead couple retreats we have organized.  I have literally watched her save marriages over a weekend retreat.  I have personally referred friends to Dr. Ava and recommended her to many organizations and every single person or company has thanked me for doing so.  She is the real deal!"


Scott Martineau CEO/President


blockquoteI personally would like to thank you for your excellent contribution to our "Sex and the Heart" symposium on April 1 in Galveston.  The presentation was outstanding and very well received, the attendance exceeded our expectations and it seemed that the audience - composed mainly of private practitioners, cardiologists, internists, and also nursing staff, was very pleased and appreciative, so it was not surprising that almost everybody stayed until the very end.  I received several phone calls and emails from health care providers, reporters, as well as from patients from all over the nation who want to get more information about the topic."

Ernst R. Schwarz, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FSCAI
Division of Cardiology, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
Comprehensive Transplant Program
Cedars Sinai Medical Center

blockquoteI just wanted to tell you that my interview with Oprah went wonderfully. I would not have been ready for it without your media training...and although I only had three sessions with you so far, I can honestly, and literally say, that "Only three sessions with Dr. Ava and I was ready for Oprah."

You are an inspiration."

Sarah Symonds

Author of "Having an Affair?"

blockquoteIf everyone listened to Dr. Ava's advice, this world would be a much better place, and we would all be having great sex."


Terry Murphy
Host of TV's Hard Copy

blockquoteIf Dr. Ava ran the world; we would all be too horny to fight."

Shirley Jones & Marty Ingels
Actress and Actor married since 1977

blockquoteAs a daytime drama actress I've learned a few things about love and romance" says Jackie Zeman, Bobbie Spencer on ABC TV's General Hospital.  "Dr. Ava enriches and empowers the lives of  men and women all over the world with her expertise on addressing and solving the many dilemmas and challenges of sex, romance, inhibitions, and intimacy.  Nothing is taboo."


Jackie Zeman
Actress on ABC TV's General Hospital

blockquoteI thought I knew everything about sex until I read Dr. Ava Cadell's books."

David Fralick
Actor on the Young & the Restless
blockquoteDr. Ava is the Dr. Ruth of our generation. Every page is a memorable eye opener."

Alana Curry
Actress on the Bold and the Beautiful
blockquoteI would have made this book (Idiot's Guide to Oral Sex) required reading for all of my girls if I was still operating. Dr. Ava can teach any man or woman the skills and the knowledge of what great sex is all about."

Baby Doll Gibson
former imprisoned Hollywood Madam
blockquoteDr. Ava is quite a unique writer on such intimate subjects... which one can have more education on sex... than ever realized."

Edy Williams
blockquoteDr. Ava truly lives and breathes sex."

Playgirl Magazine
blockquoteDr. Ava is "America's leading sexologist."

More Magazine
blockquoteI wanted to pinpoint the Sex Guru of Gurus. All roads led to Dr. Ava."

Redbook Magazine
blockquoteDr. Ava is the Goddess of Aural Sex"

Cosmopolitan Magazine
blockquoteThe New Dr. Ruth & Sexpert to the Stars."

Woman's Own

blockquoteAva Cadell, Ph.D. Host of the radio show “A Touch of Romance” is the leading cause of freeway accidents in Los Angeles."

Stuff Magazine