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Welcome to the Loveology University ®
If you are ready for a Love Changing experience

At Loveology University we are dedicated to providing the most accurate and innovative educational courses to appeal to a broad audience by offering a friendly environment where you can choose from a wide selection of courses for as little as $9.95 all the way up to $1,999.95 and learn at your own pace. All of our courses come in digital formats including e-books, audios, videos and slide shows for easy learning.

logo-certifiedWe guarantee that all of our courses are of the highest quality and hope that you will be completely satisfied with your new found knowledge. We believe that Loveology University is your community for information on love, relationships, romance, intimacy and sexuality, which means that we'll do everything in our power to ensure that you not only receive the very best in education, but that you'll enjoy yourself while doing so. To that end, we've enhanced your online experience with plenty of FREE material that includes:

  • The LU Library where you can read dozens of articles and the most asked questions from singles and couples.
  • Loveology TV (LUTV) and where you can watch 10 webisodes of love tips from students at Loveology University.
  • Sex Match where you can listen to 10 exciting rounds between LU Founder Dr. Ava Cadell and Renowned Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman.
  • Research and Quizzes will educate and entertain you and they are all in the FREE ACCESS area of LU.


Part of our mission at Loveology University is to increase worldwide education and awareness on love, relationships, romance, intimacy and sexuality for adults of all ages over 18, genders, cultures, educational backgrounds and sexual orientations to enjoy and enrich their love lives, whether single or in a relationship.

Loveology University Course Catalog

Loveology University offers three Certified Long- Term Courses designed for Life Coaches, Consultants, Home Party Planners, Adult Store Owners and Entrepreneurs that want to start their own practice as a Love Coach:

Loveology University offers dozens of Individual Courses for Singles & Couples.
Loveology University offers dozens of e-Books and Audio courses


  • Testimonials

    “LU is the only university that I have found to give me the tools I need to help assist my clients in finding love and enhancing their relationships. As a home party business owner, getting certified has taken my business to a higher level. I encourage any and all romance specialists to become Certified Loveologists - your business depends on it.”

    - Tamara Payton Bell, CEO Home Pleasure Party Plan Assoc, Inc

  • DrDennisNederThumb


    “The student gets to study Dr. Ava's work in an encapsulated, concentrated format. They learn first-hand not only what works and what is important, buy WHY it works and WHY it is important. Simply put, this is the easiest, fastest way to current understanding of the modern world of love. The greatest benefit of LU is getting to know yourself in a deep, intimate, personal way while learning to turn that knowledge outward to help others.”

    - Dr. Dennis W. Neder

  • MimiThumb


    “If Victoria has a Secret…then she learned those secrets from Dr. Ava and Loveology University. Studying the Certified Loveologist course at LU revealed the answers to what I had always thought were secrets about sexuality, from sharing fantasies to multiple orgasms. I feel so lucky that I can now call myself a Certified Love Coach.”

    - Mimi Basseri

  • CoryHonickmanThumb


    "As a sexologist with previous training in human sexuality, I was pleased to have gained additional valuable expertise in a wide variety of areas, including Love Coaching, Tantra, and ways to improve one's relationship."

    - Cory Honickman

  • ChristyCraigThumb


    "Our marriage was on the rocks when we decided to give it one last chance by taking the Certified Romantic course. Now we have reconnected with each other and romance is back in our lives. We are so thankful to LU for saving our marriage. "

    - Christy and Craig

  • BobKarenThumb


    “We bought your Certified Romantic course because our relationship was becoming predictable and we hadn’t had any romance in years. The information in this course has given us so much pleasure and new found romantic experiences that we wanted to personally thank you for your work and contribution to healthy and happy relationships.”

    Karen & Bob

  • DevinAmuraoThumb


    “I had no idea how to be romantic until I took this course, but after graduating I felt completely different. The Romantic Program improved my dating life tremendously with all the knowledge I gained on things from flirting to foreplay. This was just the confidence boost I needed. Thanks LU.”

    - Devin Amurao