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Included In This Course: (Click To Enlarge)
  • Love-Around-the-House-thumb
  • Passion-Power-thumb
  • The-12-Steps-to-Everlasting-Love-thumb
  • Love
  • Flirting
  • Dating
  • Kissing
  • Intimacy (Includes Video!)
  • Foreplay (Includes Video!)
  • Couples Enrichment


  • Fine Art of Setting the Mood & Sexual Positions
  • Teleseminars
  • Link to Sex Drive Radio Shows
  • 12 Steps to Everlasting Love
  • Love Around the House
  • Household Items for Love
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Passion Power for Couples

        This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Know How and Where to Meet a Romantic Partner
  • You want to Learn Great Tips on How to Be More Romantic
  • You want to Boost Your Desirability and Experience More Love
  • You want Deeper and More Intense Feelings of Romance
Everyone knows how to have sex; being romantic is an art you can learn. If you answered “YES” to ANY of these questions, Loveology University is your Key to Success.
        Course Highlights
  • 3 Videos
  • 12 Steps to Everlasting Love
  • The Art of Great Communication
  • Dating Rules
  • The Definition of Intimacy
  • Creative Foreplay
  • Tantric Massage

     Course Benefits

  • Better Communication
  • Confident Flirting
  • Successful Dating
  • Sensual Foreplay



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Would you like to learn how to be more romantic?

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Once you have read, listened, and watched the entire curriculum online 24-7 you will feel more confident in your love life and that will impact your whole life.
sex The Certified Romantic course is for anyone who wants to find and keep love, learn how to be a better communicator, enjoy unique dates and create romantic and lasting memories in and out of the bedroom. Take the first step to becoming a more romantic lover by enrolling now!
tool Advanced Techniques!
This LU Program includes advanced techniques to make you the world’s greatest lover!
hear Are you a MFT, LCSW, LEP or a Nurse in California?
This course is approved for 15 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU's). If you want more details, see our California CEU info page.

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  • Testimonials

    “LU is the only university that I have found to give me the tools I need to help assist my clients in finding love and enhancing their relationships. As a home party business owner, getting certified has taken my business to a higher level. I encourage any and all romance specialists to become Certified Loveologists - your business depends on it.”

    - Tamara Payton Bell, CEO Home Pleasure Party Plan Assoc, Inc

  • DrDennisNederThumb


    “The student gets to study Dr. Ava's work in an encapsulated, concentrated format. They learn first-hand not only what works and what is important, buy WHY it works and WHY it is important. Simply put, this is the easiest, fastest way to current understanding of the modern world of love. The greatest benefit of LU is getting to know yourself in a deep, intimate, personal way while learning to turn that knowledge outward to help others.”

    - Dr. Dennis W. Neder

  • MimiThumb


    “If Victoria has a Secret…then she learned those secrets from Dr. Ava and Loveology University. Studying the Certified Loveologist course at LU revealed the answers to what I had always thought were secrets about sexuality, from sharing fantasies to multiple orgasms. I feel so lucky that I can now call myself a Certified Love Coach.”

    - Mimi Basseri

  • CoryHonickmanThumb


    "As a sexologist with previous training in human sexuality, I was pleased to have gained additional valuable expertise in a wide variety of areas, including Love Coaching, Tantra, and ways to improve one's relationship."

    - Cory Honickman

  • TammyLelieThumb


    "Most men and women navigate through the world of relationships and intimacy much like students having to learn a foreign language from scratch. Dr. Ava Cadell's Loveology University program provides all the tools you need to know to be 100% fluent. Her program is the Rosetta Stone for teaching about love, intimacy and sexuality."

    - Tammy Lelie